About Us

A b o u t U s

Video Wealth is the only wealth generation platform that transforms people’s lives through video viewing and youtube subscription. We simply turn your video into great wealth without stress. All you need do is sign up for a free account or VIP account and begin to make money from your videos or that of your team members up to five generations.

Our Mission

We exist to generate unlimited wealth with videos.

Our Vision

To optimize the use of technology in kicking out poverty in the World.

[1] Register a free or VIP account
* Free account does not earn referral bonus on registrations of downlines.
* VIP account earns referral bonus on registrations.

[2] Upload a video that you are sure will generate views.
* Free members must have registered at least 100 members on their team before they can upload videos. VIP must have at least 10 members to upload videos.
* If the video is approved, a link is sent to the owner to share far and wide to increase viewership.
* Earnings get calculated at the end of 30 days and shared into members' wallets. You can withdraw your earnings at anytime.

* Direct referral (1st Generation) gets 20%
* 2nd generation gets 10%
* 3rd generation gets 5%
* 4th generation gets 3%
* 5th generation gets 2%

* Owner of the video gets 60% (VIP).
* Direct referral (1st Generation) gets 10%
* 2nd generation gets 5%
* 3rd generation gets 3%
* 4th generation gets 2%
* 5th generation gets 1%

* Owner of the video gets 40% (Free User)
* Direct referral (1st Generation) gets 5%
* 2nd generation gets 5%
* 3rd generation gets 3%
* 4th generation gets 2%
* 5th generation gets 1%

[1] You belong to a special class of Moneymakers
[2] You make a huge income from registrations in your team to the fifth generation
[3] You earn 60% of your video revenue while ordinary members earn 40%
[4] You can send in up to 10 videos in a month while ordinary members can only send in 5 videos
[5] All active VIP members have an all-expense paid foreign trip once every year to mark their membership anniversary
[6] VIP members come first in decision making of VIDEO WEALTH Team
[7] Videos of VIP members are advertised by the team on several platforms so as to generate more views

Video Wealth sets out to drastically reduce the alarming unemployment level in Africa and any other parts of the globe. If you’re unemployed or need a side job, this will get you going at a good speed.

- Register an Employee Account.
- After subscribing to the TV Channel, join the Employee Telegram group.
- Anytime you have 1,000 members in your team (Free or VIP), you begin to earn N10,000 monthly as long as you remain active managing your team, encouraging them to view, comment, like, and share videos on the channel, every 1,000 more members increases your salary by N10,000 (So each employee determines his own level of income).
- Salary levels appear on the dashboard automatically.
- If you post videos, you earn like an ordinary member.
- Salary earned is seperate from your normal referral earnings. So you are earning from both sides.
Help reduce joblessness today, please share this great opportunity with all your contacts for the sake of humanity.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today and begin to build wealth while catching fun. For more information, please send us a mail at info@videowealth.live


On Video Wealth, you can earn revenue by inviting users. When your invitee earns revenue, you also earn as much as 10% commission for ALL their earnings (for registrations and videos) as well as earn from those they invite. See Benefits 

Video Wealth

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  • Earns 40% of Video revenue
  • Post 5 Videos a Month
  • Direct referral 5%
  • Earns to 5th generation
  • High revenue
  • Support and mentorship


  • Earns 60% of Video revenue
  • Post 10 Videos a Month
  • Direct referral 10%
  • Earns up to 5th generation
  • Higher revenue
  • VIP treats and benefits